is a state-of-the-art, market-leading solution for management and automation of key operations in sports associations, leagues and governing bodies.

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Comet Live

Analyticom ERP

is an integrated suite of business applications, automating daily operations, increasing efficiency and supporting management in decision-making.

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Specialized software provider

The power of our systems stems from its blend of experience and reliability on one side, and continuous innovation and technological advances on the other side.


Our state-of-the-art technological foundation is the heart and soul of our products

Our architecture features outstanding performance and complies with the highest standards of the software industry. Our systems feature most contemporary cutting-edge technologies.

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Our professional services enable our systems to operate perfectly for your benefit

Our experienced engineers provide all necessary implementation, support and cloud infrastructure services, protecting the investment of our customers, and helping them maximize the benefits.

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Every project is unique

…with different maturity levels, readiness for change, organizational priorities, and requirements. Significant professional capacity, flexibility and dedication is required to handle such large and distinct infrastructural projects.

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