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Analyticom is a specialized software provider headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, and its most renowned product is the World’s leading football management system COMET (Competition Management Expert System).

We have been founded in 2003 and today form a team of 40 experts, mostly being experienced software engineers and football domain gurus. We have operating Offices in Croatia, Germany and Macedonia.

COMET is today the most complete, technologically advanced, and most widely adopted football management system in the World. The majority of our Customers are national football associations and confederations.

Our portfolio includes various COMET extensions such as COMET LIVE apps, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), an integrated solution for business management particularly applicable for sports associations.


is a state-of-the-art, market-leading solution for management and automation of key operations in sports associations, leagues and governing bodies.

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is a hosted software service presenting the data of public interest from the COMET system to wider audiences via iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Analyticom ERP

is an integrated suite of business applications, automating daily operations, increasing efficiency and supporting management in decision-making.

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