Our systems are successfully implemented and adopted on all six continents of the World

Every organization is unique, and the system needs to be adjusted to its needs, and systematically and professionally implemented. Leveraging our extensive experience and know-how in the domain of IT and sports business processes, we provide all implementation and support services and enable our systems to operate perfectly for the benefit of our customers.

Our experienced software engineers and implementation specialists have successfully completed system implementations on all six World continents. Using our broad expertise and system flexibility, we brought success to our clients in many various circumstances, and within organizations of very different sizes, structure and complexity.

Turn-Key Digital Transformation

By leveraging:
– Our comprehensive and diverse implementation know-how,
– Well established global support process, and
– Robust cloud hosting infrastructure,

we provide an all-inclusive turn-key implementation model, digitally transform their organization, without disruption to ongoing operations.

Throughout the implementation process, we tailor the solution to the needs of the customer, while complying with international standards and reusing the best-practices from other similar organizations.

The services performed during and after the implementation projects are generally divided into


Activities initially provided in order to entirely and successfully implement the system, like e.g. requirements analysis, system configuration, end-user training, data migrations…etc.

Support and Maintenance

Activities continuously provided, even after the finalization of the implementation project, like e.g. end-user support, provision of new versions, system maintenance…etc.


Technical activities related to cloud hosting of the system, provision, administration and continuous maintenance of server infrastructure and components, data backups…etc.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Our QMS encompasses both our development process and our customer-oriented services, such as support and implementation. It reflects our commitment to the uncompromising quality of our products and services and our dedication to the success of our customers.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security

Our ISM implementation focuses on securely processing, storing, and backing up our customers’ data, and ensures that the information we are responsible for is safeguarded where necessary against inappropriate disclosure; is accurate, timely and attributable; and is available to authorized users.

ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity

The priority of our BCM system is to continuously provide our services and systems to our customers with minimal disruption, even upon the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances. It is focused on resource redundancies and advanced disaster-recovery procedures.