COMET is an integrated software solution that automates key business processes of sports organizations.

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Referees
  • Stadiums
  • Clubs
  • Contracts & Transfers
  • Competitions
  • Matches
  • Discipline
  • Performance
  • Media
  • National Teams

COMET has been intensively developed for many years and is today productively used in continental and national football associations on all six continents of the World.

Therefore it is a very robust, mature, stable and reliable system that has proven to work perfectly in many diverse circumstances and client configurations.

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Mobile Apps

Our Native Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices allow users to easily enter lineups and match events live on the match day using their smartphones.

In fact, all standard match day operations can be fully executed on the pitch using mobile apps, and without the need for a laptop.

Our Native Mobile Apps can be also used in offline mode, without internet access. Once the device is again connected to the internet, the changes are synchronized with the server.

Users of our iOS/Android Native Mobile Apps are notified of any relevant changes onto the home screen of their smartphone using push notifications. E.g. when a referee is appointed to a match, she/he will immediately receive a push notification to her/his smartphone (in addition to an e-mail notification).


Registration process is a prerequisite for competitions, and relates to all football stakeholders, such as players, coaches, referees, and relevant organizations, such as clubs.

Its most common functions are registrations of players, national and international transfer workflows, administration of clubs and facilities data.

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This module enables initial setup and recurring administration of competitions of all types and at all levels, from children tournaments to top continental championships.

Most common features are competition are roster submissions, scheduling of matches, allocation of referees and other officials to matches.

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Matchday operations relate to all activities that are carried out before, during, and after the match by the respective stakeholders, such as clubs, referees and officials.

Most common matchday functions are entry of lineups by the clubs, entry of match events, and match report confirmation by the referee.

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This module enables management of the entire lifecycle of disciplinary proceedings/cases, all types of sanctions, such as monetary sanctions and match forfeits.

Disciplinary Module ensures compliance with Competition Regulations, prevents participation of actively sanctioned players (or team officials), and automatically calculates served matches.

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This module contains the technical platform and generic functionalities, used by all functional domains.

It maintains the important master data, lists and settings supporting all other functions of the COMET system.

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Exactly the same version of our system operates at all our clients, all with very different configurations of process workflows, rules, authorizations, local settings, language packs, data fields, etc. This is only possible if the system is highly robust, flexible and configurable. All changes and customizations are parametrized, and do not require changes in the source code.

Therefore, any client can configure all elements of the system (workflows, roles, language, fields…) entirely in accordance with its preferences and existing rules and regulations. The system is also fully multilingual and already translated to nearly 30 languages.

Reporting Engine

COMET can generate more than 450 reports, analyses and statistics related to players, coaches, referees, clubs, disciplinary, competitions, organizations and national teams. Clear design and report dependent parameters enable easier orientation when looking for specific information. The main features are:

Various export types

Report data filtering

Charting capabilities

Geolocation rendering

Report templates

Report scheduling


All data in the system COMET may, in accordance with its confidentiality class and business rules, be consumed by other applications. It may be accessed via REST API/web services in the FIFA Connect Data standard format.

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Security and Data Integrity have a very high priority in our development process, and are always preserved by using the highest security standards.

Transaction logging

Each and every read/write transaction is logged and securely stored, including username, timestamp, IP address, and all relevant transaction data.

SSL protocol

SSL protocol (2048-bit) is used to encrypt all data transferred over the network.


Nightly database backups are executed and safely stored on two distinct locations.

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Barcode/QR Code

Competition accreditations and identification cards of Players, Coaches…etc can be printed directly out of COMET onto the PVC plastic format (standard dimensions of a credit card). These ID Cards may incorporate a Barcode/QR Code for purpose of retrieving data, and authenticating the owner of the ID Card.

The most widely used is the QR Code, which can be read by any smartphone. This is a simple and accessible method for officials to scan the card of an individual, and check her/his statistics, whether she/he is correctly registered, has any active suspensions, etc.

COMET Extensions

We provide several extension modules that relate to specific processes of an association, such as Club Licensing, Coach Course Management, Electronic Payments, and may be implemented in addition to COMET standard modules.

Club Licensing

This module enables confederations and national associations to handle their club licensing and stadia inspection processes. 

All steps in the process are distributed to respective roles and digitalized: definition of license types and criteria, submission of evidence and application by clubs, review and decision process, appeals and issuance of license.

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Course Management

This module digitalizes and automates the process of seminar/course management for coaches and officials.

It enables self-registration, online application to seminars, applicant review and confirmation, tracking of outcomes (pass/fail), electronic issuance of licenses and diplomas.

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Sales and Payments

The Payments Module enables associations to price and electronically collect monetary amounts related to various processes (scenarios) in the COMET system.

An integration of COMET with a selected payment gateway provider is required in order to receive payments online.

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Messenger is an internal communication tool designed to send ad-hoc messages to predefined and dynamically updated distribution groups within the COMET System.

For example, dynamic groups are as all referees of a certain category, all officials in a competition, all club administrators, etc. just to name a few.

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