COMET is an internet-based application system that aggregates all key business processes and data of sports organizations

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Referees
  • Stadiums
  • Clubs
  • Contracts & Transfers
  • Competitions
  • Matches
  • Discipline
  • Performance
  • Media
  • National Teams

COMET has been intensively developed for many years and is today productively used in continental and national football associations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

Therefore it is a very robust, mature, stable and reliable system that has proven to work perfectly in many diverse circumstances and client configurations.

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This module enables the processes of registration and administration of all football stakeholders, organizations and facilities.

Its functions are generally divided by stakeholder type: Associations, Clubs, Facilities, Players, Coaches and Staff, Referees and Officials, Intermediaries.

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Competition Standard

This module enables setup and administration of competitions of all types and at all levels, and management of standard match reports.

Beyond the Scheduling and Administration of Competition, it includes automated and manual allocation of officials, and standard pre-match and post-match reports.

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Competition Advanced

This module contains advanced competition features and specific reports, mostly used by competitions at national and continental level.

Advanced reports are highly configurable and can be adjusted to specific requirements of the governing body of league (e.g. Expense Report or Delegate Report)

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This module enables management of the entire lifecycle of disciplinary proceedings/cases, all types of sanctions, and compliance with competition regulations.

This module has a 2-way integration with Competitions.

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National Teams

This module enables management of processes related to national teams, like national team preparations, international competitions and friendly matches.

All matches that are governed by FIFA or a Confederation can be automatically imported using the FIFA Connect Data Standard, and do not need to be entered manually in the system.

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This module contains the technical platform and generic functionalities, used by all functional domains.

It maintains the important master data, lists and settings supporting all other functions of the COMET system.

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