COMET PLAY is a cloud service allowing the clubs and similar organizations to efficiently organize and manage all operations with their members and their parents

  • Membership
  • Groups
  • Trainings
  • Calendars
  • RSVP/Attendance
  • Dashboard
  • In-App Chat
  • Performance
  • Measurements
  • Sales
  • Payments
  • COMET Sync
  • Surveys
  • Mobile Apps
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Member Management

COMET PLAY allows Clubs to invite Members (or their Parents) to its Workspace, divide Members into Groups (or Teams), categorize them into role types (such as Player, Parent, Coach, Volunteer), and administer their personal records, calendars, and contact data.

Members can also be synchronized both ways from/to the COMET system (e.g. all officially registered players) of your national governing body. All Members become system users, manage their own profiles and participate in club operations on the platform.

Trainings and Events

COMET PLAY allows Club Administrators and Coaches to organize various types of events, such as recurring weekly trainings, or individual team meetings. They can allocate/invite members or group members to events, hence managing their calendars.

Members (or their Parents) confirm event participation (RSVP) and Coaches can track actual attendance of participants, hence keeping everybody in the loop, without any need for ad-hoc messaging or phone calls.

Performance Measurements

Clubs can track various metrics of their members using a fully-customizable performance measurement tool. The Coach can create templates composed of any measurement units, such as speed, stamina, overall impression, etc.

Templates can be applied on repeating occasions, in order to observe progress over time and build and compare the performance profiles of the players. Measurement results are graphically displayed in accordance with their predefined color-coded result ranges.

Sales and Payments

Clubs can setup their web store, and collect electronic payments from their Members and their Parents for any purpose, such as membership, equipment, events, any type of merchandise, or donation.

Clubs can also create special prices, family discounts, keep track of manual (offline) payments, process refunds, request and track orders from members, altogether making the sales and money collection processes much more efficient.


Coaches can use the in-app Chat to instantly communicate with all members of their group. Members are added/removed from the channels automatically as they join or leave a group/team, and therefore Coaches do not need to manually maintain another chat group in an external chat App, such as WhatsApp.

Clubs can also send announcements to all, or to a subset of their Members, and track who has read the announcement. The announcements are visible in an inernal Mailbox and are also forwarded to the e-mail address of each recipient.

COMET Integration

COMET PLAY has a 2-way integration with the world’s leading football management system COMET. If your Governing Body uses COMET, not only you can sync your registered players and scheduled matches from COMET, but you can also submit your official player registrations into COMET – in just two clicks ⚽???? with no need to log into COMET and retype data.


All data from COMET PLAY can be filtered both horizontally and vertically and presented in a cutting-edge reporting tool. All reports, such  as Group Members, Event Participants, Performance Measurements, Ordered Items, Order Payments, etc, can also be exported into the Excel format, where further data pivoting and advanced analytics can be carried out.