Business software is a long-term investment and we are long-term partners of our customers, protecting their investment and taking the most out of it. We continuously support our end-users, maintain all aspects of the software and related infrastructure, and continuously provision and implement new, enhanced versions of our systems.

Our company is renowned and respected by our clients, for our personnel’s expertise, flexibility, understanding of the realities and specificities of each association, and finally – full dedication to project success. By now, every project that Analyticom has carried out, has either been completed successfully, or is in progress and on track.


is a state-of-the-art, market-leading solution for management and automation of key operations in sports associations, leagues and governing bodies.

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is a hosted software service presenting the data of public interest from the COMET system to wider audiences via iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Analyticom ERP

is an integrated suite of business applications, automating daily operations, increasing efficiency and supporting management in decision-making.

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