Course management enables self-registration, online application to courses, applicant validation, pass/fail tracking, and electronic issuance of licenses and diplomas. It streamlines all steps in the workflow, reduces the operational burden for administrators, and provides a user-friendly and transparent application interface for participants.


1.1. License and Registration Types

Possibility to define license categories (UEFA PRO, A, B, C, national categories, etc.) and registration types (goalkeeper coach, head coach, assistant coach, etc.) for each course. The registration type defines the audience for the course, while the license type defines which license will be issued to the participant upon successful completion of the course.

1.2. Course Details

Generally speaking, courses are events that have an organizer, time period, place, and description. Additional data such as duration in hours and a maximum number of participants are used for reporting and application validation.

1.3. Integration of Various Item Types

The course can be integrated to only one or to several Item Types, e.g. Course Participation fee and License fee. Usually, the participation fee covers the issuance of the license. In other scenarios, the Participation fee is paid by all participants, and the License fee is then paid only by participants who have successfully completed the course, and are eligible for the license issuance. In case of Payment module implementation, these payments can be executed electronically as a step in the application workflow.

1.4. HTML Link for Applicants

When a course is created, it is made available to all potential participants in My COMET. However, a direct link to the Seminar can be shared with potential Applicants via e-mail or it can be published on the Association’s website.

Course Participants


2.1. Registration to My COMET Self-Service Portal

Users who don’t have credentials for login, follow the simple registration process. Once they register and verify their e-mail, they can browse through available courses and apply for registration. Users are required to complete their profile with all mandatory information, before applying to any courses. Users can always review the status of all of their applications, the history of completed courses, and if Payments are integrated, the history of payments for courses and licenses.

2.3. Course Application

After selecting a specific course and reviewing details, the participant applies to the course and usually completes an application survey, including entering required data and uploading documents, as requested by the course organizer. Depending on specific settings, the applicant can automatically be admitted to the course, or its participation can be subject to application review and approval by the course organizer.

2.4. Application Review

Upon registration, applicants are listed under the course, where the administrator can review their details, such as personal and contact info, application status, and already approved licenses. Based on that information, the Administrator may decide to either approve or reject the application to participate in a course.

2.5. Outcome (Pass/Fail) of the Course

When the course is completed, the Administrator enters the outcome (pass/fail) for each participant. The license is issued only to those participants that have successfully completed the course. The license will be visible on the person’s profile in COMET.

Apply to a Course


3.1. Automatically issued licenses

License is granted after the participant has successfully passed a specific course. E.g. if a coach has successfully completed the UEFA A Seminar, upon successful completion, that Coach will automatically receive the UEFA A Coaching license for a certain pre-defined period of validity. That license will be visible on the person’s coach profile

3.2. License Expiry

On the final day of the validity of a certain license, that license will be automatically deactivated by the system. Furthermore, reminders can be setup to inform license holders that their license is about to expire.

3.3. License Print Version

The issued license can be printed out of the system in the standard PVC (Credit Card) format, in accordance with a predefined license template. Different formats can be used, e.g. one template for UEFA licenses and another template for national licenses.

3.4. Course Diploma Print Version

In addition to licenses, course diplomas or certificates of attendance can be printed automatically out of the system. There is also a useful function to print all diplomas in bulk. Beyond printing, diplomas can also be distributed to course participants in electronic/PDF format.



The scope of the Course Management module is defined by the implementation scenarios, i.e. different process workflows that need to be implemented at the Governing Body. Below are the available implementation scenarios:

4.1. Coaches and Staff

In this default workflow, the courses are commonly managed by the technical department (coach administrator). The licenses are issued to coaches and staff and are visible on the respective coach/staff profile. Templates for issued licenses and diplomas are commonly divided into confederation (e.g. UEFA, AFC) and national ones.

4.2. Referees and Officials

In this workflow, the courses are commonly managed by the referee department (referee administrator). The licenses are issued to referees and other match officials and are visible on the respective referee/official profile. Templates for issued licenses and diplomas are commonly defined at the national level.

Diploma Print Version