Course management enables self-registration, online application to courses, applicant validation, pass/fail tracking, and electronic issuance of licenses and diplomas. It streamlines all steps in the workflow, reduces the operational burden for administrators, and provides a user-friendly and transparent application interface for participants.

The COMET Course Management Module offers a whole set of seminar customization options which means that e.g. Coach Administrators can create and define the details of their course according to the needs of their organization.


1.1. Pre-selectable Workflows

All COMET Courses imply the self-registration process, i.e. participants can apply and undergo all steps of the application process from their COMET UI. A responsible person authorized to create and edit seminars can choose one of the predefined application types. Application types are designed to cover all scenarios of the application process. The five Pre-selectable Workflows are: Pay after approval, Just Apply (with Approval), Just Apply (without Approval), Just Pay and Pay Later.

1.2. License and Registration Types

Possibility to define license categories (UEFA PRO, A, B, C, national categories, etc.) and registration types (goalkeeper coach, head coach, assistant coach, etc.) for each course. The registration type defines the audience for the course, while the license type defines which license will be issued to the participant upon successful completion of the course.

1.3. Course Details