This module enables management of processes related to national teams, like national team preparations, international competitions, and friendly matches. All official matches governed by FIFA or UEFA can be automatically imported using the UEFA Digital API, and do not need to be entered manually in the system. Its functions are most commonly available in the National Teams and Competitions menus.


2.1. Preparation Event Creation

Preparation (Convocation) events are created in the system under the National team module. The National Team Administrator enters the details: organization, competition, name of the event, place, start and end date, age category, etc. Any additional information important for operations and reports can be added to Custom Attributes section.

2.2. Invited Participants

The National Team Administrator adds the participants to the list, and most commonly, these are players and team officials already registered in the COMET system. A specific participation workflow can be configured for preparation participants, and their status tracked. The data can be used for various operational, logistical and financial purposes.

2.3. Automated Requests to Clubs

Automated requests to national and international clubs can be sent automatically from the system. e.g. when all participants are added and the preparation event is confirmed. For international clubs, requests are usually sent in English language. Requests for national clubs are sent in local language. Requests are grouped per club, e.g. if 3 players are convocated from Club A, that club will receive only one notification with all of its convocated players listed.